What we do

In P. Listo we work all kinds of fruits, vegetables and vegetables to offer a wide selection of preserves and jams.
Fantasy, creativity and tradition in authentic flavors.

Check our offer through the web or download our catalog and do not hesitate to ask us for information via e-mail (info@plisto.es) or by phone, by calling 651 65 68 95.


With the utmost care

We make our preserves and jams from fresh and natural products

Currently more than 60% of the production of P. Ready comes from the orchard of our grandfather Jesus and our fields of fruit and vegetables, bathed in a sun that fills each pepper or date with color and that enriches our cauliflowers and oranges.

"No hay mejor producto que el que uno siembra, cuida y recolecta"

Dedication and reward

Thanks to the dedication with which we work every preserve and marmalade we have been able to grow in these few years including new varieties inspired by creativity and the growing demand for products that please the palate in a healthy and natural way.

"Thanks to all those who have been able to value the illusion of this family, to carry their traditional recipes, beyond their own table"

Our history

How we do